October 19, 2017
The Importance Of Family Traditions
Holidays are a great excuse to get the family all together and make memories. If you're a new mama, you may be thinking about what holiday family traditions you want to start for your little ones. Read about a few of our favorite mommy blogger's holiday traditions for some inspiration!
 Casey Anderson
One of my favorite family Christmas traditions from growing up was reading The Polar Express on Christmas Eve. We’d sit by the fire in our pajamas and my mom would read it to us, every year. The book was old and worn but we thought it was so special. I bought a copy to read to my kids and I can’t wait for them to appreciate it the way I did!
Katie Moehler 
When I had my first child, our son Wyatt, I instantly became more tuned into family traditions, especially during the holidays. It's funny how those yearly rituals have become some of the most fond and prominent memories from my own childhood and I definitely wanted to keep that alive for my children. But I also didn't want to force anything, and honestly I'm one of the few people it seems that isn't really "into" the hype of the holiday season. However, one beautiful tradition that began organically is our annual trip to cut down our Christmas tree. This will mark the fourth year that we will drive to a tree farm with our "framily" - you know friends that are like family - the weekend after Thanksgiving. We bundle up, pick a sled, explore the farm and finally chop away at the tree that speaks to us. Afterwards we drink hot chocolate and pet the beautiful horses before loading the tree on our car roof. And every year I'm just so blown away at how quickly the months disappear and we are right back on the farm, wearing winter coats and reminisincing about years past. I hope this tradition continues as it really has become such a special experience for our family. Wyatt, who is now 5, remembers our past visits to the farm and it really makes our Christmas tree that much more special. It's a bit messy cleaning up all those pin needles around the house but it's a small price to pay for a family tradition that continually warms my heart.
 Bri Dietz
We have a few holiday traditions. A few weeks before Christmas we love to go ice skating at the Del Coronado. They set up an ice rink overlooking the beach and play fun, festive music. They also serve the best hot chocolate and the hotel is decorated to the nines! It’s so festive and unique to Southern California. Another tradition we enjoy is making Aebleskivers (a Danish, round pancake) on Christmas morning. My mother-in law adopted this tradition from her mother-in-law and I am happy to carry it on. Our kids are only 1 and 3 now, so our family traditions are ever evolving and I’m excited to see what we continue to make special as our family grows :)
 Daisy Sud 
One family tradition that we celebrate is Dia De Los Muertos, (day of the dead). On October 31st we create a beautiful altar for our deceased loved ones. Then on Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 we remember our time with our loved ones. Every year I place a magnifying glass on the altar that my grandfather gave to me. He use to spook me with it by placing it in front of his eyes to make them large. He was always so funny and that memory always makes me smile.
 Letoto Gimeno
Here at home we celebrate every holiday of course and our main tradition is for Christmas: we have breakfast in matching pjs every Christmas morning!! Also in New Year's Eve we eat 12 grapes before the clock strikes 12am (the beginning of a new year)!!
 Ashley Harmon Moore 
One of our family traditions is baking clay ornaments and decorating them together. We also love looking at Christmas lights together and this year we're gonna start Christmas jammies and a movie to open on Christmas Eve. I know these traditions will get more fun as the boys get older!