August 19, 2017

When Mom leaves Dad in Charge

Raising a child can be like assembling a piece of furniture. Except when you brought your baby home from the hospital all bundled up and checked the diaper bag, you realized the nurses forgot to include the instruction manual!

Uh oh! But you figured you would learn as time went on. How hard can it be? Surely it is easier than assembling some IKEA furniture without instructions. How many times have you done that for your wife? Remember the first time you were on DAD DUTY? You thought you had the job under control. -“No worries, Hunni. I got this. When baby wakes up from his nap, feed him, change his diaper and play. Piece of cake!” Of course, baby wakes up from his nap the minute mom walks out the door… Now what? Should you text her??

NO WAY! You got this!

How do you get him back to sleep with no bottle? Do you go in there? Oh Crap.. What’s the sleep training rule???? You let him cry it out for a few minutes till the crying is too painstaking to hear. You open the door……He is sitting up in his crib, his face as red as a WATERMELON. You inch closely to the crib and sweetly say, “time to nap baby.”

He screams!!!!! Ohhhhkay……….( BABY WINS)

You pick him up. What is that wetness on your arm? You look down. Yikes! Runny poop is dripping down on your shirt and all over the crib. BLOW OUT…. More crying.


You promised your wife she could go to gym and work-out for an hour to relax. What Now? TIME FOR OPERATION POOP….


Here is a little inspiration from pro baby whisperers, bottle jugglers, bottom wipers and car seat handlers who have all been there.

Jesse Danzig @thedanziglife

Kids can be more than just cute. They can be
trouble makers, but also great helpers! Dad Jesse
shares some funny ways he utilizes his kids!

– “Make sure that “cleaning up” is your kid’s favorite game.”

– “Fetch is a perfectly respectable game to play with children.”

– “Don’t let your kids close doors that can only be locked and unlocked from the inside. At the very least, make sure the fire department gets them out before your wife gets home.”

– “Having friends over is a great way to get other people to watch your kids for you for free!”

Steve Tate @tate28

When you’ve got a house full of kids,
you might be wondering, “How do I find any
free time for myself?” This dad has some clever advice!

“You know that 2 minutes it takes to take the garbage out?
….Yeah I refer to that as a vacation.
As a Dad of 6 kids……..I try to take a “vacation” about 5-6 times a day,
so I find a lot of stuff to throw away.”

Brent Kruithof @brentkruithof

Making your kids a part of your everyday life, no
matter what you’re doing, is a great way to spend as
much time as possible with your kids. Remember,
that time goes by fast!

“I try to involve my kids in what I do as much as possible.
Whether that be going to a business meeting, mowing the
lawn with my kid on a backpack carrier, running errands,
or (most notably in our family) exercising with my kids."

“So, it’s pretty simple, but the main thing I would encourage
fathers to do is spend as much time as possible with their kids.”

Bruna Gonzaga @derepente6

This dad does whatever he can to put
a smile on his baby’s face. Even if that
means sporting some pigtails!

“Nobody told me that being a dad would be the most
amazing thing in the world. Constantly gets me doing
things that I never imagined myself doing! Nothing
in the world is more important than the joy of my baby.”